Camersoft Fake Webcam 3.2.86

Camersoft Fake Webcam 3.2.86: Best fake webcam software, play video on webcam and add various effects. webcam MSN fake webcam AIM fake webcam ICQ fake webcam (3) Webcam Recorder and Snapshot The fake webcam provide video recorder function, and you could record webcam video and save as AVI files on your PC. (4) Various fantastic effects Camersoft Fake Webcam provides many different effects for you to add to your webcam source image during your chatting or call with your friends. You even could set a video or picture as your webcam image. (5) Support

Webcam Surveillance Monitor 3.0: Cheap video surveillance solution based on an ordinary webcam and software.
Webcam Surveillance Monitor 3.0

Webcam Surveillance Monitor is an intelligent video monitoring system based on an ordinary webcam and software. It makes ordinary webcams (including wireless webcams) to be professional security cameras. Simply place the webcam towards an area you want to monitor, and then Webcam Surveillance Monitor will capture any motion in front of the webcam and send snapshots to you via emails. It can also play warning sounds to frighten uninvited guys.

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Magic Camera 8.0: Webcam software to add a virtual webcam with 1000+ cool webcam effects
Magic Camera 8.0

webcam? Want to protect your privacy in video chat rooms? Want to record webcam videos with cool effects? Want to make fun avatar pictures? Magic Camera does these all! Magic Camera is webcam software to enhance your webcam with 1000+ webcam effects. It adds a virtual webcam to let you play files, screens and video effects on video chats(e.g., Skype, Live Messenger). Recording webcam videos & taking pictures with webcam with effects are also supported

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Catfood WebCamSaver 3.10.0160: Catfood WebCamSaver displays captivating live views from around the world.
Catfood WebCamSaver 3.10.0160

Catfood WebCamSaver displays live webcam images from around the world as a captivating screensaver. Time zone information is stored for each webcam and you can show local time together with the location of the webcam. The list of webcams is automatically updated, we add new locations and updates every week. WebCamSaver also supports user entered webcams - you can make your own list of favorite views, or just display a single webcam.

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WatchSome Webcams 2.15: Watch webcams with webcam software that automatically saves the images.
WatchSome Webcams 2.15

WatchSome Webcams is webcam software that allows you to view many of your favorite webcams at the same time. You can configure the web cam software to automatically save the webcam pics to your hard drive. Another excellent feature of WatchSome Webcams is that you can make a webcam change into a screensaver. With a simple to use interface, zooming in and out of a webcam image can easily be accomplished. You can add webcams of your liking.

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WebcamMax 7 Add thousands of cool effects to webcam video for live video chats or recording.
WebcamMax 7

WebcamMax and directly share them on facebook or Youtube. WebcamMax also works as a virtual webcam. It enables you to show videos, pictures, computer screen or even multiple webcam videos to others during your live chats or streaming. You can switch among different sources with an easy click. What`s more, you can also use your webcam simultaneously on multiple webcam applications with the help of WebcamMax. Doodling is another great feature of WebcamMax

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Camersoft Webcam Capture 2.2.32: Camersoft Webcam Capture is freeware to record webcam video into AVI.
Camersoft Webcam Capture 2.2.32

Webcam Capture Freeware is powerful and professional webcam recording software, which could record webcam into AVI video files and you could replay them on your PC with Windows Media Player or other video players whenever you want. This free webcam recorder could also work as a webcam monitor or webcam surveillance tool to monitor your home or your children. In addition, Camersoft Webcam Capture is completely free software and you could download

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